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Easy Registration

  • Easily register by filling out your details on the RenewIT Registration page.

  • If you are a company, register here.



Integration with Home Affairs


  • Once registered and logged in, you will be prompted with a Personal Information form.

  • The form needs to be filled out, in order for you to receive your relevant licence documentation.

  • You can upload your ID document manually or at an additional fee, request your ID document to be uploaded from Home Affairs.



Easy Upload of Vehicle Details

  • On the Dashboard, there is a button to add your vehicle information.

  • You can upload an image of your current vehicle disc or you can fill out the vehicle form manually.



Add other family members' Vehicles


  • You can add your own vehicle information and receive the link for the Vehicle Mandate, to accept and sign online or;
    you can fill out the information on behalf of another vehicle owner (for example, your mother).

  • The primary vehicle owner will then receive an email with a link to accept and sign the Vehicle Mandate document.



Online Mandate Signature

  • A Vehicle Mandate document gets generated, which is linked to a Licence Renewal. As soon as the document gets signed, the Adminastrative person can get the R161 document from the Post Office.



No limit on Vehicles added

  • You can add multiple vehicles under your name. For every vehicle added, the same Vehicle Mandate document is used. You do not have to sign a new document again.

  • Once you've uploaded your vehicle information, you will be asked if you want to add another vehicle.

  • If you are done, you will receive a message to say your vehicle information has been uploaded successfully.

  • After the process has been completed, you are a registered user and can log in and out of the system.



View statuses and invoices


  • When you log back in, you are able to view the status of your renewal on the Dashboard.

  • You are able to view the date the request was created, emails where sent as well as view your invoices.

  • Payment processing is done using PayGate, a secure and trusted service.


Quick Links


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